Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Daddy I Miss You.

Daddy , it has been 10 days now that you're not here.
I don't know how to live without you. I feel so empty inside of me.
There's so much of things happening , do you know I miss you a lot? "If you could see me now would you be please and proud? but sometimes I cry when I see your face are there windows in heaven?"
My heart felt so empty. I never thought this would happen. It's so sudden.
I really regret a lot of things. If I have a wish I want death people to come back alive.
Our memories will never be erase.
You're always in me, I'm you beloved daughter right.
So badly I wish you are here with me now Dad.'

Papa, I really miss you. Forgive me for all my wrongs. I really love you :')

Monday, 11 November 2013

I'm Waiting.

I'm waiting for you .
When are you going to be mine ?
You changed a lot. It's getting so annoying for me. I don't know what happened but you just seem to be so fucking different. 
Well , I seriously miss the old you. Thanks for everything you did. Just tell me if you hate me , it's ok I will suck it up.
I'm sorry if I hurt you. I didn't mean too.
But I know you love me. My dear , yes I love you too but why are you so different what did I do wrong? I really don't know. Tell me what I did wrong. Why are you keeping me waiting for you? I'm waiting for you while you have fun with others.
My Dear, I love you.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Friends ❤

Having a simple life is great.
Sometimes I feel quite lonely when all my friends ignore me . So I'm blessed to be with my friends ~ they help me when I'm in trouble they support me all the time they be with be always they are a part of my family . I need my friends in life , because they are they best :)
The picture below is at "central market" that time we are having band competition . before the competition of course we need to practice right , therefor we spend a lot of time with each other at le music room . We played we had fun laughing , take pictures , covering random songs , gossiping(i know it's bad but what to do we are friends) , dancing and etc. 
For me they are my closest friend :)
In the picture it's me(xiiaohui) , Erika(LePotato) , Karuna Ng(Cat) , HuiFong , our music teacher , Ivan Chua(LeSmurfyyyKia) , Ezekiel Ng(Tallguy:3) anddddddddddd last but not leasttttt Mark(LeFattyKia)
OhGosh you guys will never know how much I LOVE THEM 

smile for the best ! :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

My 13th birthday ...

Yesterday was my beloved 13th birthday ... I was very happy about it ... I went outing with my friends .... We were having fun ... I really want to say thank you to my friends and also to my family ... I love them very much ... I know that birthday doesn't meant by everything .. But it is still something special to me ... I din't ask for presents ... I just asked for wishes .. But still well , yes some of my friends also got give me presents ... Thank you^^

To all my friends that wished me happy birthday , I really really wanted to say thank you very much ^_^ I really appreciate the wishese from you guys <3
I am really happy to get wishes from all my beloved friends and all my beloved family <3

Thank You ^^

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I don't know what to say..

I don't know what to say... When I say I don't know doesn't meant that I say no.. But when you request it , and I say I just want to be friends I know that you are heartbroken... I know that.. But I really don't know what to do... For me I think maybe we are better to be just friends... I meant like best friends..? It will be more fun for us to be best friends... :D well , i am also sorry because of saying to you such a thing to just become friends... Because I really don't know what to say... I am speechless... You always ask me to be stronger... But how about you...? Is a waste of time waiting for me... Really... You are wasting your time on waiting for me... There is billions of girls in this world... So I just wanted to say to you that , I am really really sorry :( we be best friends okay..? Please don't be sad... You ask me to be strong... So do you need to be strong... I Love You. , as my best friends..!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I am so happy today :D

HaHa! I'm so happy today... My friends all like making me laugh and laugh and laugh nonstop... They make funny jokes... Well , today when I'm walking to buy things I saw one of my friend, and I disturb him.. HaHa! happy..! :D ... Then I'm happy because I have a great time talking , chatting with my brother too :DDD haHaHaHaHa!!
But the most fun today is my brother make me so happy ^_^

Monday, 19 March 2012

Friends please forgive me :(

Hey guys , sorry if I did something wrong to you guys... Well , this few days I'm not that into mood :') but still keeping a smile k ;') I know I have scold some of my friends because of my mood.. But please friends forgive me :') please.... I'm very sorry for all my wrong please forgive me..
One word
The girl down there is asking for forgiveness...